For Exhibitors
Who can participate in CAAD 2019?
Anyone! CAAD 2019 is an exhibition platform for art and design galleries, institutions, individual designers, product designers, painting artists, graphic artists, independent curators and even nature lovers! -- We welcome anyone looking to showcase their talents, creativity or advocate the importance of climate action to the fair’s audience.
What type of products, artwork can I showcase and sell at CAAD 2019?
We accept all types of creative products and artwork like paintings of all genres, custom designed & environmentally-friendly products, recyclable & sustainable products and hand-crafted products.
How many booths are available?
To meet exhibitors’ demand, we are setting up 40 booths. Booths comprise of Standard and Professional setup.
What is included in the booth and exhibition area?
Standard Booth package includes:
  1. Approx. 3m x 3m of space
  2. One table (2ft x 6ft)
  3. Two chairs
  4. Marketing (Inclusion in CAAD 2019 online marketing activities)
Professional Booth package includes:
  1. Approx. 3m x 3m of space
  2. One table (2ft x 6ft)
  3. Two chairs
  4. Power socket
  5. Panel for artwork and/or product display
  6. Marketing (Inclusion in CAAD 2019 online marketing activities)
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How much does it cost to exhibit at CAAD 2019?
  • RM 500 per booth/day for Standard Package.
  • RM 900 per booth/day for Professional Package.
I want to exhibit at your fair. How do I apply and how can I find out the status of my application?
You will be notified via email on the status of your application within 1-2 working days. If you are selected, you will receive feedback and tips on how to best adapt and market your product at the fair. Should you need further assistance, contact us at marketing@yourdesignjuice.com, or call +6013 3918 278

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Where are the booths located? Are they in a separate section of the fair?
All booths are integrated in a large open space area located at Central Piazza, Lower Ground at KL Gateway Mall. They are not in their own section. Visitors will be able to discover the exhibition area at three main entrances of the mall.
For NGOs
What is the purpose of CAAD 2019?
CAAD stands for Climate Action Art & Design Fair. We believe that the power of art, creativity and design can command attention and inspire people to care about things. Art makes environmental change real. As part of meeting our Sustainable Development objectives, we aim to promote awareness on climate change through this platform.
How can we participate?
If you are running an environmental non-profit and/or wish to contribute to our cause, apply online now and let us know about your contribution ideas.

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What do you need from us?
We need speakers, volunteers and someone who can create interactive sessions with the visitors. Special booths will be setup for NGOs. We are also open to any ideas you have in mind to promote environmental & climate change awareness.

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We are also in need of support to continue our climate action work. Do you provide any join & support opportunities?
Yes! We believe that we can take stronger climate action if we work together. Let us know what type of support you need when you fill out the registration form. We're excited to hear about your proposal!

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For Sponsors
Why should I sponsor CAAD 2019?
We are looking for sponsorships in cash and/or kind services so that we can meet our climate action goals, support our environmental NGOs, artists and designers.
How do I sponsor?
To begin, just click here to go to the online registration page for Sponsors. Fill in your details and select the types of sponsorship you wish to contribute. Upon registration, we will be in contact with you within 1 – 2 working days.
What are the acknowledgements and benefits can I get?
We acknowledge our Sponsors by the following ways:
  • Your Brand/Company Name and logos will be included in our CAAD 2019 program.
  • Your Brand/Company Name and logos will be in our press release that we will publish on all of our digital media.
Return benefits:
  1. Brand Exposure
    Through our line-up of activities and programs during the 3-day fair, we are expecting a big turnout of around or more than 15,000 visitors per day. Thereby, increasing the chances of brand exposure and visitors engagement for your Brand/Company Name.
  2. Good Track Record
    With brand exposure, a good track record is established. Your Brand/Company Name will gain a greater presence.
  3. Community & Goodwill
    We are also impacting and contributing to social change through our Climate Action cause. You will gain an opportunity to be part of our cause.
  4. Free Booth
    Depending on the Sponsorship plan you chose, you will get a free booth to promote your products and/or services.

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If I choose to donate cash, how does the payment work?
We have a few different payment options. Our CAAD 2019 team will advise you on the best payment option. Normally it is payment via cheque, online or direct transfer or PayPal.
Is there a deadline to become a Sponsor?
Yes, sponsorship opportunities are open until September 16th, 2019.

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